So from dead men one week to alive, kicking animals with attitude the next. This week I have made three pieces of movement for Animal Farm.  It was tough but I think, with a little polishing and tweaking will be most wonderful. More of that at a later date.

The dead man continues to rumble close by with this weeks’ revelation that the “full piece” (who knows when it make an appearance in it’s totality, that relies upon funding applications and all that jazz) should be split into chapters or movements. The first chapter revolving around the sense that when one is waiting one finds it hard to move from the spot – to progress or travel forwards.  This has led to me setting myself a series of choreographic tasks in which the woman’s moves are halted, rewound and stunted. Not much room for leaps and bounds in the first section and it is this that I shall be working on for the initial outing in March. I’m going to tell you all about it now so that I can’t chicken out and decide that the piece is not suitable to be viewed by friends, family and the rest of the world so;

here’s a link to the page that tells you all about it. The show sold out last year so do book in advance if you think that you might be remotely interested.

And so… when Friday comes I shall be pushing myself through these tasks of stunting, shortening and rewinding. After that I’m having the photos taken for the publicity. I’m considering using a bag of flour, wellies and a message in a bottle.  Lets hope we get their good side.

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