A Crack in the Brain Space Continuum.

One of the joys and problems of being a freelancer is having lots of different pieces in your head at the same time.  One imagines that professionals work on one show at a time in blissful submergence (although in my head said professionals  all look as though they belong on an Edward Scissor Hands set, cook amazingly nutritious meals for their families and are able to turn their “idea machine” on and off at will).  In reality, those of us in the small time juggle many little projects/ jobs at the same time and have to deal with the creative cacophony as it comes along. My head might be halfway through choreographing a windmill building routine (Animal farm) in which  4xA animals create a 5 point shape before turning anti-clockwise to hand over to 4xB animals. Pigs and dogs must shout orders accordingly and at appropriate spaces in the music. Just as I think I am making sense of this I am interrupted by another idea about a game of hide and seek between local celebrities. This will feed in nicely to a project with year 10 pupils who are  in preparation for a youth theatre platform. Before that idea solidifies sufficiently my ideas are back in a library which somehow has to turn into an ark carrying a load of social outcasts for another show altogether. Lets not go there right now.  All of the above happen after my Dead Man show (2 weeks away – I’m counting down now) so shouldn’t really take precedence anyway, whilst we are on the subject I’m thinking of trying to develop Dead man show into a 3 woman piece, a whole community waiting for the ship to come in so as to speak. That’s at least a funding application away.

Being in the creative mind can be a bit like having 5 episodes of Doctor Who playing at the same time. I’m not sure that the doctor would enjoy being in so many stories all at once.

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