Well, devising theatrical works is a tough old job at the best of times. Good job that this is one of the best of times!
Remainders is a piece devised by myself and the Adult Drama Group at the Pegasus theatre. It is a sad tale of societies remainders, set in a library. The best books have been cherry picked and removed for… well if I tell you that I will be giving the ending away. needless to say today we have been mastering our origami skills, turning the world on it’s head and building houses.
If I ever wonder whether going into the arts was the right thing to do I only have to have a day like today to fill my heart. Superb stuff. the creativity of others is a joy to behold and an honour to mould. In relation to my earlier community theatre blog it’s worth noting that amoungst the twelve performers in the company 2 of them have special needs, 2 have dyslexia and dispraxia, 2 have English as a second language and 2 are over 60 years of age. Enrichment galore.

Remainders is on at the Pegasus Theatre Oxford from Wednesday 23rd – Saturday 26th May.

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