And so, twenty…er.. something years after we first met and house shared at university, George Dean and I have set up our dance theatre company AnaMorphic. When George came and helped to direct my solo Dead Man Dancing earlier in the year it was so evident that we should continue working with each other. given that we are both at crossroads in our lives (career wise) it was also clear that this should become a major, energy consuming project. So far we have spent an awful lot of our energy on our company name. I hope that you like it.
We have always known that there were strange parallel events happening in our lives. We decide that we like the same thing at the same time, we have babies at the same time despite being in two different countries…. what’s that? oh yes, didn’t I say that we live in two different countries? Whilst I hang with the dreaming spires of Oxford, George is based mainly in Amsterdam… what’s that? oh yes, didn’t I mention that she also lives in Poland? It would simply be too easy if we could just get in the rehearsal room together at the same time!

So with a whole heap of hurdles in front of us and an evening of work to make for November AnaMorphic are taking first steps on a long journey. I’m writing a constitution, setting up the workshops in Oxford, booking rehearsal space where I can and keeping the summer free for possible trips to Amsterdam.

Good job our kids are the same age and fantastic friends. They can have wonderful weeks together whilst their mums create new dance theatre pieces in peace. One less hurdle to jump.

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