…And ready to roll. Just completed day one of the production week for BOUND. It’s a jolly little show about human trafficking, actually, despite some fairly horrid scenes of abuse there are lighter, comedic moments. not to make light of a serious subject, but to brighten an otherwise fairly dark experience for the audience. We have been drip feed working on the project for four months now and it’s joyous to be in the space, for a whole week. We enjoy coffee breaks together without having the think about the time we have in the studio running out, we re run scenes until they are truly in our heads and we are dying of exhaustion. We are happy together.
This is a one week climb uphill on a roller coaster. I’ve clicked my seat belt in… At the end of this week I’ll have one day recovering in order to prepare for the ride that will be term one of drama school. Clown partner left for tour this morning. It. All feels wild and unstoppable, hence the roller coaster analogy…(So far said analogy has taken me through childbirth and auditioning for drama school).

If you want to come and see the show… I think I’d recommend it to you (as long as you are over 14) DO! It’s beginning its performance life at the Pegasus Theatre Oxford . ThisFriday and Saturday, 4th and 5th October at 7.30 pm.

Be lovely to see you there.


If you would like to help me fulfil my drama school dreams you. Could fund a single trip to London for just £6. You can do so here…
MA Funding page

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